Introducing Abigael Wangare Mariga

(Empowerment project in Kenya)

My name is Abigael Wangare Marige, actually living in Kericho in Kenya; I used to live in Mlolongo (a village about 15 km distance from the capital, Nairobi) With a bachelor's degree in supplies and procurement and a business administration diploma from Kampala international University.

I have acquired extensive knowledge in:

  • business management;
  • procurement;
  • people management and planning that given this opportunity by Stichting Orserre in the Netherlands.

In May 2012 I started coaching two starting entrepeneurs in Kenya with a 'business to customer idea for a small business'.
Highlight topics during the coaching according to the Orserre empowerment project:

  • The ABC of Achieving your dreams.
  • Customer care skills.
    Customers are the heart of every organization and how to handle them becomes a key factor. Customer care skills are vital for business to continue and to grow.
  • Passion for work.
    At some times in our lives, most of us, have been doing work that we hate. We were sure we would get out of it in the long run, but we also knew escaping right now is impossible. How to combine things when you just started your business?
  • An introduction to SWOT analysis.
    What are the internal Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats issues in the business idea of the entrepeneurs. How does those issues fits in and interacts with the surrounding environment. Viewed from an external look.
  • Business idea and idear screening.
    What is idea screening? What is business idea? I have analyzed the business idea of the trainees. One of them has in mind to start a hairsalon in Cabanas and the other one's heart was pitting up a Cyber Café in Mlolongo. I analyzed in details why it is important to run a business (advantages and disadvantages). I also analyze the business in terms of costs by breaking down everything that can be required.
  • Success
    The toughest thing about success is how to keep on being a success. How to start a successfull business and maintain your success?

I want to say thank you to Stichting Orserre for giving me the opportunity to empower those two entrepeneurs with their business idea. It's a pleasure to have been empowering according to the Orserre method in Kenya.
One entrepeneur started successfully in december 2012 and the other one is considering her business idea. My job is to keep you, reader of the Orserre website, posted.

I'm available to coach this two entrepeneurs in the next phase of their challenge …. I am also looking forward to empower the next starting entrepeneurs in Kenya.



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